Staying Away From HD DVD Piracy Tips

Piracy is a crime that has been on for some time now and it’s no doubt it is ever increasing despite the strict measures and laws put in place by different governments. Pirating a film, video or music content by copying and distributing or selling it amounts to a crime as it is an infringement of copyright. But since it appears this crime is here to stay, what then can one do to stay away from DVD piracy? Here are some of the things one can do to avoid being convicted for committing piracy.

Steps on Avoiding Piracy

1. Buying Original DVDs

One of the ways one can avoid being convicted for infringing the rights of film makers, musicians or any other original work done by a producer is by simply buying original DVDs. This will not only allow the buyer to have original high quality movie or music, but will also promote the creative work done by the owner or maker of the DVD

2. Watch Movies in Cinemas

If buying DVDs tends to be expensive, then watching a movie from a cinema or movie theatre there can be the best way of ensuring you stay away from piracy. Watching a movie over a cinema is cheaper and is fun at the same time.

3. Borrow an Original Copy from a Friend

Buying a DVD or going to the cinema cannot be a better option for some people, but does that mean there cannot be other options? No, borrowing an original DVD from a friend can help one enjoy the movie or music of choice freely without ever worrying about anti-piracy officers catching with you.

4. Watch Music and Movies on TV

Another better and I think ideal option to try is buying a TV set. Television usually has a wide range of movies lined up for the day, music as well and this can work towards making access to the movies you love without having to cross the rules a bit easier.

Are There Any Benefits of Staying Away From DVD Piracy?

Much as most people usually get away with piracy, there reaches a time where the law catches up with them. The benefits of buying the original work of the artistes and filmmakers are many and avoiding infringing the ownership intellectual property comes with its convenience. Here are some of the benefits that one will get by avoiding DVD piracy by all means:

Saving the Cost of Hiring a Lawyer

When caught with an offence of pirating or infringing the rights to ownership of intellectual property, you will either be jailed or be subjected to a fine of up to $250,000. As such you might need to hire lawyer, which is expensive and should the lawyers fail to defend you properly you have to pay the fine, which is an added loss to you.

High Quality Original Work

Original DVDs usually contain the original content that is of a high quality compared to copied content on DVDs. If anyone is looking for DVDs that are convenient to watch without any scratch, then original HD DVDs are the best to buy. Even movies played on TV are no doubt original DVDs and the quality itself is outstanding.

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An Overview On The Best HD DVD Players

What kind of movies do you like? Romantic, adventure, action; whatever your choice might be, you have endless movies to enjoy from every category. There are numerous classic movies which were made in the between the 60s till the 90s. The bad news for you is that these movies are not shown in cinema halls; however, the good news is these movies are available in the form of DVD s. But in order to enjoy these classics on DVD, you would need a good DVD player which has high quality picture and wonderful sounds to offer. Though there are numerous brands of DVD players available in the marker, only few of them ranks among the best. In this article, I shall try and present an insight into some of the best HD DVD players available in the market
Tips for selecting an HD DVD Player

Talking about the best HD DVD players, there are quite a few. However, when you are buying one, you need to, look out for certain features. In this section I shall try and present a few tips which you might find helpful while buying an HD DVD Player. 

· Can it upscale up to 1080p: This is one feature you must look for. Not all the DVD players available in the market come with this particular feature; however, the best ones certainly do. The 1080p display makes a world of difference in terms of the picture quality.

· What File Formats does it Support: These days, HD DVD Players are available which support different types of file format; WMV, DivX, XviD are some of them. See if the brand you have chosen supports multiple file formats. One major benefit of this feature is that it allows you to watch movies which you have downloaded from the internet. These movies usually come in different file formats. 

· Audio/ Video Streaming: This is one latest addition to the features of DVD players. This mechanism allows you to stream any video file from your computer. Therefore, you will be able to watch movies on your television screen through the DVD player. 

· Wireless: The days of wired DVD sets are gone. These days, wireless sets are available, which makes handling of these devices much easier. Besides, if you wish to stream anything from your PC, you can easily do it with the help of wireless connectivity

· Supporting Burn Disks: There are certain brands which won’t play any burned disks. This can be very irritating indeed! So, make sure that the brand you chose supports burned disks. The good news is, most of the leading brands do.

These are some of the features which you must look for while buying an HD DVD Player. Apart from these, factors like power consumption, warranty period, and others needs to be considered.

Benefits of a Quality HD DVD Player

One of the benefits of watching stuff on a branded HD DVD Player is the quality factor. Besides, there are other benefits as well. Here are some of them:

· You can readily point out the difference between an ordinary HD DVD Player and a branded one. The best brands available in the market offer superior picture and sound quality.

· They come with additional features like audio/video streaming and wireless connectivity

· They can read different file formats.
These were some of the issues which you must know before buying best HD DVD players. You need to be aware of all these facts because you must know whether it is worthwhile to spend the money on a particular brand. 

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Jobs In High Definition Technology

Information technology, usually abbreviated as IT, is a buzz phrase you’ve probably heard in case you happened to work with IT professionals or went to school for courses relating to computers. IT professionals are highly specialized in their fields.
IT professionals are also significant to all modern business models. In case a company relies on emails and phones, chances are that there is an IT professional who is behind it all ensuring the cogs in the machines function properly.

So what are the real benefits of being the behind-the-scene technological lifeblood of a given company? Excellent pay is always your reward. As you search jobs and they open up and the economy finds its footing, you should expect the requirements of Information technology professionals to be wide as ever and you should apply to jobs. Curious about what you might like to do? Consider these ten leading jobs in high definition technology:

· IT consultant

this job ranks 13th position on CNN’s recent Best Jobs in the America`s list. The job of an IT consultant is just as vague as it usually sounds. While in this position, your job will be evaluating the systems and doing the research that no one entirely understands. As CNN usually puts it, all people from local startups to Fortune 500 companies require IT consultants to help them in figuring out the fastest and cheapest ways of running computers better.

· Cloud architect

You have of course heard of cloud computing. Although the existing storage space in the ether cannot be literally touched, it still requires to be organized and also given an architecture. That is what the job is meant for.

· Computer forensic investigator

you can work as a computer crime detective. Computer forensic investigators usually search, identify and then evaluate information from the computer systems which is often for trial evidences.

· Health IT specialist

Health IT has become a blossoming field especially with the major changes that are going on in healthcare due to the gradual transitions to electronic health record and the Affordable Care Acts . According to TBS, Health IT specialists shall mix computer knowledge with record-keeping skills, but specialties in billing, medical coding and cancer registries are also in demand.

· Mobile application developer

Chances are that you and most people that you know own smartphones or tablet computers. According to CareerRealism, use of mobile technology is predicted to exceed the use of personal computers at some time in 2013. As a result, businesses are heavily relying on IT professionals that have experience in this field than before. Using the primary coding languages, developers shall create programs for the future Android devices and iOS.

· Web developer

Web developers are the jacks of all trades. They usually create web applications, web pages and web contents, but their skill set requires them to have a good understanding of what makes up good operating systems, what an average surfer finds to be visually stimulating and how to optimize websites for mobile technology among other skills. They also require proficiency in Web languages such as HTML and JavaScript.

· Software engineer

Love video games? Do you want to design the next Facebook? This belongs to you. Software engineers are behind all programs that we run on our personal computers and mobile devices. There`s a wide range of niche fields that you can work in.

· Information technology vendor manager

this is slightly more hands-off as compared to some technology positions. Vendor managers usually oversee supply when it comes to hardware and software. This can mean anything ranging from Microsoft’s latest word processor to health IT programs designed for hospitals.

· Geospatial professionals

Sound confusing? Geographical information systems are very complicated but also exciting and getting more every day. According to CareerRealism, GIS technology uses geographic data in evaluating and communicating trends and patterns in visually comprehensive and stylish ways.

· Data Modeler

Another position which translates poorly without any jargon. According to TBS, this IT personnel creates data designs and defines relationships between various data fields. Since the data of any company is vital, its modeling needs to function perfectly as more complex tasks like reliance on computer grows.

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You May Need IT Support To Install An HD DVD In Your Computer

The CD/DVD format revolutionized the video information years ago. While earlier we had to use VCR for watching videos, with the CD/DVD users had the benefit of increased information, more storage capacity and better audio/video quality. But with the changes in technology and the evolution of HD technology, DVD format is more or less redundant. HD – DVD is a new generation video quality that has redefined the viewing experience. It offers sharper, vivid and immersive images with crisp audio quality. With the stunning audio and video quality, HD DVD is suitable for home entertainment. If your computer doesn’t have a HD player but you would like to install it, you may need IT support to install HD drive in your computer. If you aren’t much of a do it yourself kind of person take help from IT support and get the installation done.

What is HD DVD?
HD DVD or the High Definition Digital video Disc is another digital storage format just like the Blu-ray format. It was first released in 2006 in Japan and later in America. These were the successor to DVD player and have the capacity to store data ranging from 15 -30 GB. 

Find the HD –DVD players for your laptop
HD – DVD units have been supported and manufactured by several companies like Toshiba, Samsung etc. While several companies like DreamWorks, Paramount pictures, Universal Studios have supported the software end. While it’s no longer manufactured, HD DVD players are still being used and a number of players are available with a huge library of HD content. They are compatible with operating systems like Mac, Windows and Linux and can be used with desktop computers, laptops, Xbox gaming systems. 

Benefits of HD –DVD players

1. An HD DVD player offer crisp audio and stunning video quality and is best for people looking for entertainment right at their home.

2. It is backward compatible with CD and DVD, so HD – DVD players can play your old CDs and DVDs as well. 
3. It is a cheaper and better alternative to Blu-Ray players.

4. Users can enjoy HD content downloaded from the internet or bought from stores in their computers. 

5. It has a massive storage capacity of up to 40 GB and is the best way to store a lot of movies or TV series.
Steps for installation of HD DVD drive

1. Learn the formats for DVD drives like DVD-R, DVD + R, DVD +/- RW. It is better to go for a drive which has read and write function so you can play DVDS as well as burn content on those discs.

2. Determine the type of HD-DVD player you want to buy. Research on the options available in the market and go through the pros and cons before you buy.

3. Compare the read and write speeds of the models.

4. Decide between internal or external HD-DVD player. 

5. Choose a quality manufacturer like Toshiba, Samsung etc.

Tips to consider before you buy the player
1. Download software like WinDVD High Definition Advisor tool to know if your computer is compatible to play a HD movie.
2. You also need to consider the hardware features like RAM, CPU, and Graphics Card, Sound card of your system.
3. Check for compatible software like Graphics driver, video players.

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Best HD DVD Movies of 2014

It was a year during which even the few movies which made shameless profits like The Hunger Games, Guardian of the Galaxy, Mockingjay and The Lego Movie were not anything to be ashamed about. However, the lion’s share of the 2014’s best movies came in small but intimate packages, beholden to no one except the sensibility of their creators. From boys to birdman, from gone girls to potently present talents of 2 women directors, the best movies in 2014 hit hardest just by going rogue. Here are the best HD DVD movies of 2014:

This smallest, quietest and least pushy films of 2014. In addition, it is the year’s best as well as the biggest emotional powerhouse. For Boyhood, the writer and director, Richard Linklater carves out the shooting time over twelve years so as to tell the entire story of Ellar Coltrane, a six-year-old Texas boy who grows up as the only child of parents who have divorced. The movie is indelibly played by Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke. But what of the risks if any of the actors got worse or sick? Who will do that? Richard Linklater does it all. Boyhood, a movie sculpted from the lows and highs of his life, represents his landmarks, his purest personal expressions.

Here is a stirring letter of love from the director Angelina Jolie written to Luis Zamperini, an Olympic runner that found his courage tested in Japanese POW camps. Jack O’Connell acting as Louis together with Miyavi, his sadistic guard are superb, but it is Jolie who took the story that Hollywood ignored for a number of decades. She got it done the right way and also made it resonate.

Kudos to the director Ava DuVernay. He blows off the dust history in the movie Selma and also cuts straight into its beating heart. It is a major subject: Martin Luther King Jr. (Oyelowo) and his famed voting-rights in 1965, march from Selma, to Alabama, to Montgomery. Oyelowo is just magnificent and DuVernay ensures that every moment in the movie is intimate and electric.

Under the Skin
2014 brought a lot under-the-radar gems that included Snowpiercer, Love Is Strange, Locke, Nightcrawler, Majeure, Force Dear White People and Mr. Turner, but the one which cannot get out of people`s head is Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin movie. In this movie, the never-better Scarletts Johansson plays the role of an alien by cruising through Scotland for men she can understand


The Grand Budapests Hotel
Wes Anderson does not make movies just like other actors. Bless him for The Grand Budapests Hotel; a movie set in luxury spa found between the 2 world wars, is deep melancholy that is personified by concierge. The movie is played wonderfully by Ralph Fiennes who has a strong belief that etiquette helps in defining civilization.

In only his 2nd film serving as a director of movies, Damien Chazelle scores a breakout by simply dipping into his musical education so as to show us Miles Teller, a very young jazz drummer. The instructor, J.K. Simmons makes sure that there is blood on sticks.

The space odyssey of Christopher Nolan is the one and only epic on this list. The film is concerned with relationships between parents, McCaughey Matthew and his child, Jessica Chastain. The film makes perfect book-ends for a movie year which got better when it got personal.

Gone Girl
Gillian Flynn’s bestseller on a marriage that went lethally wrong becomes an incisive script in hands of director Flynn and David Fincher. The movie is a very searing social satire set about the lost arts of making a relationship to work. Rosamund Pike, who is in fireball turns takes us to hell and back just as Ben Affleck cheated-on wife.

Foxcatcher This is a true story of wealth, wrestling, murder and insanity which becomes chilling works of art in hands of the filmmaker Bennett Miller. The performances from Channing Tatum, Steve Carrell and Mark Ruffalo marks high points in their movie careers by playing a major role in this movie.

Birdman Nothing in 2014 had the power of making people drunk again on movies just as Birdman. Alejandro Iñárritu’s cinematic roller coaster is on Michael Keaton, a Hollywood superhero, who is trying to gain respect on the Broadway. Michael Keaton gives the performances of 2014 in his whirling comic assault movie in which laughs will definitely leave bruises.

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