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Distribution of Technical Information on HD DVD Manufacturing

September 29, 2004
Memory-Tech Corporation
Toshiba Corporation .

Memory-Tech and Toshiba are pleased to announce a procedure for providing technical information on manufacturing HD DVD-ROM discs.

This is the four-step procedure for receiving technical information.

the four-step procedure for receiving technical information

To receive the documentation, take the following steps.

(1) Download and complete the application form here(PDF:9KB) . Fax it to the number shown on the form.
(2) On receipt of the application, we will send you an agreement form and details on making payment of the US$5,000 documentation fee for a single copy of the technical information. Subsequent copies will be charged for at a rate of US$500 per copy.
(3) Complete and sign the agreement and return it by mail, and remit the documentation fee by the telegraphic transfer to Toshiba's account.
(4) Once the agreement is received and the remittance is confirmed, we will mail the English technical information to you.



  • The delivery procedure may take up to several weeks, depending on the progress with each procedure.
  • Memory-Tech and Toshiba are providing this information for the purpose of promoting the HD DVD format. From that standpoint, we recommend that applicants would obtain "DVD Specifications for High Density Read-Only Disc (HD DVD-ROM) Part 1: PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS Ver. 1.0", from the DVD FLLC. See here for more information on the DVD FLLC .

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